Plug-n-play solutions for smart connected spaces and smart cities

1. Sign-up on

Subscribe to our services at


Get a real-time dashboard of employee or visitor presence events and download employee attendance stats or approve visitors in real-time.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Get a real-time dashboard of vehicle movements through the city or industry or community and download stats.


Get a real-time dashboard of registered activities and download activity profiles

2. Choose off-the-shelf AI cameras

Buy cameras directly from Amazon or our hardware partner websites!!

AI Cameras with Display

Premium device – INR 35K/ USD 500
Economy device INR 7.5K/ USD 100 – Write to  for device details

Outdoor AI Cameras

Lead time of  7* days – Write to us for more details

Indoor AI Cameras

Lead time of 7* days – Write to us for more details

3. Download and install GMAC's GI4ALL App directly on the cameras

GMAC’s on-device AI/ML applications – available on Google play store


Register employees, take attendance with audio-visual feedback. Download GI4ALL FR100 from Google play store


Register vehicles of interest,  record movement at places of interest and notify subscribers. Download GI4ALL ANPR from Google play store


Register activities of interest,  record activities at events of interest and notify subscribers.  Write to us at for a pre-release version

4. Go live and see updates on the portal

Real-time updates, reports and manage all your devices from a single dashboard

Register employees, vehicles, activities

Register 100s of employees in seconds from the portal  OR 20-second on-device registration also available.

Install the device with the app at a preferred location

Easy single-click options on the portal to group devices and share configuration and data in real-time.

Watch live

See the events on your dashboard as they happen in real-time.

* Depends on location. Other Apps are available for download on request

Business to Business


Easy integration with your backend or front end in minutes. Write to for details. Ideal for businesses providing Facilities Management, Residential Community Management, Airport Management, Fleet Management or Parking Management