QSRBot 247 - Always there for you

Automate your drive-thru in minutes. Connect your camera, speaker, microphone to our AIBox and start receiving orders automatically. QSRBot 247 will remember your loyal customers, offer specials, take their orders correctly and handle payments efficiently.

AIoT-as-a-Service = AI/ML + IoT + SaaS

Enable smart connected spaces in minutes. Easy integration of our facial, vehicle or activity recognition solutions with your B2B SaaS  portals (front-end or back-end) in minutes. Our software comprises AI/ML apps running on off-the-shelf hardware & a server-less cloud-enabling real-time dashboard and decision making.

Use-case Enablement

Touchless Attendance using facial recognition, Access Control using facial recognition or license plate recognition or any custom use-case for Smart city.

Edge AI + IOT + 5G

Algorithms and Software with state-of-the art accuracy and power efficiency on recommended off-the-shelf Edge AI platforms.

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time and secure updates to authorized stake-holders on events of interest. Automatic real-time report generation.

Real-time visual intelligence

A plug-n-play ANPR solution – completely on-device for your office, residential , mall or business parking lot

A plug-n-play system for your office, residential, business or industrial access control

Depth, Perception, Obstacle Avoidance for Robotics platforms – drones,small-robots, autonomous vehicles